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IGEN Nobel Laureate Lecture Series


About IGEN Nobel Laureate Lecture Series

IGEN Nobel Laureate Lecture Series

The Institution of Green Engineers (IGEN) working towards UN SDG Goals was founded by green minded people across the globe, in the spirit of transferring intellectual knowledge, IGEN council had decided to invite the world's greatest thinkers and Nobel Laureates to share the experiences and ideas with the IGEN community and has named the event as IGEN Nobel Laureate Lecture.

Our Objective

The objective of IGEN Nobel Laureate Lecture is to connect Nobel Laureate's experiences with the core research community, budding students and kids. An insightful take will make every responsible citizen of a country to recognize the necessity of balanced social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Annually, a Nobel Laureate Scholar will be invited to The Institution of Green Engineers, to speak to the community and to meet virtually with students, academic and industry members, faculty with their fields. The purpose of the series is to motivate the participants to pursue excellence, increase researcher's morale and provide students with unique and valuable feedback on their work.

First Nobel Laureate Lecture

We are happy to announce our first IGEN Nobel Laureate Lecture on 25th Aug 2020 by Nobel Laureate Richard J Roberts. Sir Roberts 76, who holds a doctorate from University of Sheffield received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his contribution to the discovery of introns ineukaryotic DNA and the mechanism of gene-splicing.

His current research interests are on enzyme discovery using bioinformatics, combined with the experimental testing of function. All the IGEN Nobel Laureate Lecture Series through Digital Conferencing. Sir Richards will deliver a talk on Sustainable Agriculture.

Even these 'small' discoveries make my job fun and exciting because you never know when one of the small discoveries will turn out to be big.

—Professor Richard J. Roberts


Digital Conference


Tuesday Aug. 25. 2020


5:30 PM IST

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Principal KPRIET

We build our youth for the future to serve the society with the best of their knowledge, skill and devotion.


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Nine Guiding Principles

(i) Engineer processes and products holistically, use systems analysis and integrate environment impact assessment tools.

(ii) Conserve and improve natural ecosystems while protecting human health and well-being.

(iii) Use life – cycle thinking in all engineering activities.

(iv) Ensure that all material and energy inputs and outputs are inherently safe and begin as possible.

(v) Minimize depletion of natural resources.

(vi) Strive to prevent waste.

(vii) Develop and apply engineering solutions, while being cognizant of local geography, aspirations and cultures.

(viii) Create engineering solutions beyond current or dominant technologies; improve, innovate, and invent (technologies) to achieve sustainability.

(ix) Actively engage communities and stakeholders in development of engineering solutions.

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